Celia Rexselin Aloysius – Web developer turned Application Security Consultant – lives in Bangalore, India – works in Application Security technologies – at times helps webmasters – at times makes their lives miserable – loves Application Security (no) – puts up with insecure web applications (am amazed) – likes learning a lot (yes!!) – has decided to share her web knowledge (God Save the World!!)

Author Speaks:

Welcome to my blog!! I am a softwarophobiac – turned – software passionate programmer – web application security consultant. I intend to share the tidbits that I learned/learn in my career. You are welcome to quote/criticize/ridicule/ignore any of what I say. At the same time, I would also like your valuable suggestions.

You can reach me at ‘myfirstname’.’mymiddlename’@gmail.com


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