What to do when your XSS attack vector is converted into CAPITAL letters by the application?

We keep encountering many types of unintended filters used by applications to present their input. One of them is to present all user input in CAPITAL letters. Even if there is no input validation done by the application, our normal XSS attack vector doesn’t work in this scenario.

Here is an example: Within scripts tags you would have given an inline alert(document.cookie);

In this case, the application converts it into ALERT(DOCUMENT.COOKIE). As Javascript is case sensitive, the alert fails to popup. Below are the options that you can do in this case.

Option 1: If VBscript is supported, then try out below. Since vbscript is case insensitive, it should not matter.


Option 2: Try loading external javascript. if your target application is behind a firewall, you can load your own JS file in an internal network and try loading it.

If the above two options don’t work, you can try out iframe or img src tags to inject your attack vector. There are some more ingenious tricks like shown in the below link but those are for rare cases. Hope this tip helped you.http://www.jsfuck.com/ 


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