Enjoying Microsoft Communicator

I never had a fascination for Microsoft Products earlier. I think I took them for granted. MS Office, VB.NET, Paint and likes. These are the only ones that were exposed to me that time.

Off late, I am using ‘Microsoft Communicator’ to a great extent and I just can’t imagine how my life would be without it. Let me list out the features that I like here.

1) Group Chat – It’s there in other messengers too

2) Sharing Desktop and taking control – Since I work remotely, this is an indispensable feature. I use this to show demos, assign tasks to developers and in debugging.

3) Tag Contact – A trivia but yet so nice. I can keep a tab on a person to know his availability.

4) Its integrated with outlook..

I guess GTalk , Yahoo and MSN might offer some of the above features. But overall, I like Communicator the best.