Vim Quick Tips – Cheat Sheet

Thanks to those who wrote all nice tips in, I am beginning to love my editor more and more. Here, I have noted down some quick tips that I found at and ones that you’ll not usually find anywhere else.

I have followed a terminology here.
CMD – means command mode.
INS – means insert mode.
VIS – means visual mode.
LOC – means to be entered in .vimrc file

Mode Command Description

:lineno Go to a specific line.
CMD * Searches for the word under cursor
INS CTRL - N Autocompletes word
CMD % to jump to a matching closing/opening brace
CMD . quick copy/paste
CMD x Shortcut for save and exit (wq)
CMD @: Repeat last command
LOC iab { {CR} (Enclose CR in angular brackets) automatically adds closing brace

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