Would this work on my machine?

A lot of times, I end up answering to a certain sect of questions.

1) I don’t have this, would the software work for me?
2) Would it work without the libraries?
3) Would it work on a Windows 2003 server with S123456789 service pack with PHP 5.12345 version and Mysql 5.98765 version?
4) I host with Godaddy and they say that they can’t provide that option. Would it work without the option?
5) I host with Comemommy and they don’t want to install it, would it work without installing?

and just every other question they can come up with except the right question!! and what do I usually say? Should I say, “ Give me some time, let me replicate the exact condition here and then I would tell you whether it works or not!! “.. No, as a good worker, I always end up saying.. “Yeah!! This would!!”, “No, This wouldn’t. But if I can buy some of your time, it definitely would!”.

Wouldn’t it be better if I tell just tell, “Well this mostly depends on your machine. Testing it is usually the quickest way to find out.” So, do test it out while having your coffee and lemme know if it worked or not!!

Wouldn’t this be easy? These people are a real lot clever!!


How to debug if outgoing emails are not working!

This seems to be an evergreen topic for me. Every day I keep discovering options that have control over the outgoing emails. I hope to log every detail here assuming that it will help someone some day.

So, if your scripting language is PHP, and uses mail() function to send mails, read on.
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Permission denied in Unknown on line 0


Warning: Unknown(somephpfile.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0.

I wonder who writes error messages for the PHP development team. Some state-of-the art professional or a poet!! Only he can understand what this error means.

When my php script threw the same message, I looked into the file permissions of this file and saw that it had only read/execute permissions for the owner. This error disappeared when I gave permissions for Group and Everyone.

(Note: There are different kinds of Permission denied error in PHP. Your problem might not be due to this reason. However, it doesn’t hurt to look into the permissions of the corresponding file. If you think that I could help, please leave a note here.)