Getting rid of the automatic newline after form tag

Ever had problems in getting rid of the automatic newlines or returnfeed that was inserted after the form tag? I too had the same. Particulary in those places where I needed two forms on the same line.

A little google search helped. HTML forms, like their div counterparts, are block elements. So, they automatically insert newline after their close tag. If you would want to avoid this, you can do so by redefining them as inline elements.


<form style=”display:inline” >


Most common HTTP status codes

200 (OK): The resource was found and all is well.

304 (NOT MODIFIED): The resource has not been modified since the last request. This is used most often for browser cache mechanisms.

401 (UNAUTHORIZED) : The clien is not authorized to handle the resource. Often, this will cause the browser to ask for a username and password to log in to the server.

403 (FORBIDDEN): The client failed to gain authorization. This typically happens if you fail to log in with the correct username and password after a 401.

404 (NOT FOUND): The resource does not exist at the given location.