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November 21, 2006

Twin Functions

Filed under: PHP — Celia @ 11:45 am

Well, this was what I thought when I was first introduced to PHP. Almost every library function seemed to have a duplicate. But my title itself is wrong. They are not at all identical.

Take for instance

1) str_replace() and preg_replace()
2) join() and implode()
3) split(), preg_split() and explode()


November 14, 2006

Optimizing SQL for better performance

Filed under: General — Celia @ 6:02 am

One of the basic nightmares of a web developer is optimizing queries. Every now and then, I keep seeing articles which advise lesser queries per web page, normalised tables, indexes on the most queried columns and a diligent logic.

Ofcourse, this is what is needed. But at the same time, not everyone is exposed to better optimization techniques. If you are one of those, who have written a perfect SQL but still wondering why it takes that longer for it to get executed, read on.


Fixing ‘Session object destruction failed error’

Filed under: PHP — Celia @ 5:52 am

I see that there is not much documentation for this above error. This is probably a configuration problem and can be easily corrected.


Warning: session_destroy(): Session object destruction failed


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